Prep Your Car for Vacation with these Helpful Tips

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First comes spring break then comes summer. Yes, it-s that time of year again, an with road trips and vacation excursions among us, everyone is getting that antsy, want-to-go-out-and-play spring fever. If you foresee a road trip in your near future, opt for safety first by ensuring your Toyota Venza is in good condition and running smooth. Doing so will eliminate any potential hitches in your travel plans like breakdowns, mechanical issues or other safety woes, so you and your crew can kick back and enjoy.

Check fluids. Yes, of course you should stock some waters to keep your own body-fluid levels in check, but don-t forget to make sure all fluids in your car are in check, too. Your car requires a number of different fluids that are required if you want it to run smoothly and efficiently. They include: engine oil, brake and power-steering fluid, as well as windshield cleaning fluid. Oh, and don-t forget the gas! Ensure all levels are topped off and ready to go before hitting the road.

Check tire pressure. Having properly filled tires is important to ensure safety and good fuel efficiency while traveling. Before heading out of town, be sure to fill all tires with an adequate air supply, and don-t forget to do the same for your spare! In the event that you need to use your spare tire, you don-t want to be left with one that-s unusable.

Change the oil. Traveling out of town via car puts extra stress on your engine, which is why getting an oil change is a very good idea. Oil is crucial to the life and vitality of your engine. Replacing oil, dirty oil with new, clean oil is the best way to keep that motor running!

Check all lights and signals. When on the road, how do you feel when people have burnt out headlights and brake lights, and turn signals that don-t work? Its pretty annoying, isn-t it? That-s because safety is so important when driving and without proper lighting equipment, other drives won-t know what maneuvers you plan to make. To ensure safety for you and others on the road, make sure all lights and signals are working properly. A good idea is to always keep spare bulbs in your car just in case.

Emergency equipment. Even with all of the maintenance checks and tips you can provide your car, there is always a chance that something could still go wrong. If it does, you want to make sure your car is equipped with all of the necessary emergency equipment to help you if the situation presents itself. Items include: cell phone and charger, jumper cables, car jack, spare tire, emergency tools (flashlight, screwdriver), and so on.

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Prep Your Car for Vacation with these Helpful Tips - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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