Top Tips For Smooth Summer Travels

2016 Toyota Highlander

Summer is playfully dancing before us making it all too easy to daydream of trips to the beach or winery, weekends at the lake, and other fun adventures. When it comes to family travel plans, there is no better way to drive than onboard the 2016 Toyota Highlander. A refined interior, a functional cabin design, and seating up to eight are just a few of the many perks this SUV offers. But, in order to ensure your Highlander stays in optimal summer travel condition, there are several things you should do before hitting the road. Follow this checklist to make your summer travel plans run smoothly.

Check Fluids: Just as you survive on water, your vehicle runs on fluids, too. They include: coolant, oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, etc. To avoid potential car troubles on the road, be sure to check all fluids to make sure they are adequately filled and topped off. And while you're at it, pack some waters for you and your crew, too!

Inspect Tires: If you tend to ignore your tires, don't feel bad. Tires are easily one of the most ignored parts of a car. But before you leave town, it is vital to check your tires for any severe wear and tear. Treads should be at least 1/16th” or 1.6mm. Any lower and you risk hazards on the road like hydroplaning or blowouts. Also, make sure all tires are filled with the proper amount of air – and don't forget to check the spare!

Change Oil: Changes are, you are probably near time to get your car's oil changed, and there's no better time than before traveling to get this task done. Oil changes are by far one of the simplest and cheapest maintenance tasks you can do for your car. Not only does it make certain your car has enough oil, it also provides it with fresh oil that will better aid in keeping your engine running smoothly.

Check Air Filter: While getting your oil changed, this is also the perfect time to get your car's air filter checked. Air filters work to keep any debris from getting inside the engine, along with proving it with a continuous supply of air. Unfortunately, air filters become dirty and clogged over time, which will starve your engine of the air it needs to work efficiently.

Check Lights and Turn Signals: Lights and turn signals are crucial in order to see when it is dark or rainy, as well as to let other drivers known your intentions. So if you plan to travel via car this summer, it only makes sense to check that all lights and turn signals are functioning properly. Replace any bulbs that need changing, and purchasing a spare set of bulbs to keep in your car is always a good just-in-case plan.

For more summer travel tips, just ask us when you visit our dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Top Tips For Smooth Summer Travels - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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