Attractions at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Nature Trail

When looking for summer activities close to Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to check out the attractions at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. From Petroglyph Canyon to Breccia, there are plenty of fun things to do for those looking for adventure or those looking for unique family fun.

Petroglyph Canyon

Petroglyph Canyon is home to a small but very cool piece of Native American Rock Art. There’s a trail nearby, so you can get in some good exercise and adventure while also taking in a little bit of history. Be sure to explore the other areas around Petroglyph Canyon too and see what else you can find.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Trail got its name from its location. It’s located at the southwest edge of Sloan Canyon, and you need a 2WD vehicle to access it. From here, you can weave your way into other popular trails too, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your adventure.


Whether you’re into rocks or you just like to seek adventure outside of Henderson, Sloan Canyon provides you with many opportunities to find breccia, which is a rock made from a combination of angular pieces cemented together. Simply take a walk on a nearby trail or just do some minor exploring and you’ll find some of the coolest pieces of breccia you’ll likely see.

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