Parts Specials

Looking for new or replacement Toyota parts in the Las Vegas area? Whether you’re a DIY car enthusiast or are in need of a crucial replacement part, Findlay Toyota has you covered. Explore our special discounts on new Toyota parts below to save money on repairs or accessories. Our rotating auto parts discounts often include offers on parts for rugged Toyota trucks like the Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Tundra — but if we don’t have what you need on discount, get in touch with our parts department.

We are currently updating our Parts Specials. Please check back soon.

Why Choose Genuine Toyota Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

We understand that some people will be tempted to shop for aftermarket parts for their Toyota car, truck, or SUV, but we would recommend opting for our Genuine Toyota Parts. Not only do our parts help protect you and your car or truck — your investment in parts are protected under the Toyota OEM parts warranty. That we also run special discounts on parts demonstrates our commitment to giving you the best possible parts at the best price.

Car Maintenance Tips at Findlay Toyota

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