Your Toyota maintenance lights are not just there for decoration; the manufacturer put them there for a distinct purpose. Understanding the MAINT REQD meaning, as well as the other maintenance lights, and when you need to seek help, could not only keep you safe but it will prevent severe damage to your car as well.


The ABS light could indicate a malfunction in the vehicle’s Antilock Braking system or the Brake Assist System.

Battery Icon

The battery icon, or charging system warning light, indicates a malfunction in the vehicle’s charging system which will cause the vehicle to lose power and could damage the vehicle’s battery.

Cruise Control Indicator

This icon resembles a speedometer with an arrow pointed towards the speed gauge. It simply indicates that the cruise control in your vehicle has been activated.


The EPS warning light indicated there’s a problem with your vehicle’s electronic power steering system. This fault could cause you to lose control of the vehicle while driving.

Headlight Indicator

The headlight indicator shows that the vehicle’s parking, tail, license plate, side marker, instrument panel, and headlights have been turned on

High Beam Indicator

The high-beam indicator icon indicates that your vehicle’s high-beam headlights have been turned on

Engine Oil Indicator

This icon indicates a lack of oil pressure in the vehicle, which should be addressed immediately with an oil change to prevent severe damage to the engine and moving parts.

Fuel Level

The low fuel warning light indicates a lack of fuel, which can be remedied at the nearest service station.

Washer Fluid Low Warning Light

This icon indicates that the vehicle’s windshield washer fluid level is low refill it to ensure a safer Boulder City area drive.


The icon MAINT REQD meaning is important. When the MAINT REQD light goes on it indicates that the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is due. This service may be covered under your ToyotaCare plan if your vehicle is less than two years old.

Security Indicator

The vehicle’s security system has been turned on or off.

Vehicles With Smart Key Systems:

This indicator flashes when the vehicle’s engine START/STOP switch has been turned off to show that the system is operating properly. The indicator stops flashing after the engine START/STOP switch has been turned to accessory or ignition on to show that the system has been canceled.

Vehicles Without A Smart Key System:

The indicator light will flash when the ignition key has been removed from the switch to show that the system is in operation. The light will stop flashing after the registered key has been placed back into the ignition to show that the system has been canceled.

Slip Indicator

This indicator will come on if the vehicle senses any of the drive wheels spinning. This light will indicate that the VSC/TRAC systems are in operation. If your vehicle is equipped with a buzzer, it may sound to indicate that the VSC is in operation

Airbag On/Off Indicator

Vehicles equipped with front passenger occupant classification systems will see this indicator change depending on the size and weight of the front passenger. When the system senses a small passenger who may be harmed by airbag deployment, the airbag indicator will show off. During all other normal activity, the indicator will show on.

SRS Warning Light

This indicator light could mean one of 3 things:

  • A malfunction in the SRS airbag system.
  • A malfunction in the front passenger occupant classification system.
  • A malfunction in the seat belt pretensioner system.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light indicates low tire inflation pressure that should be addressed immediately by increasing air pressure or replacing the tires. Learn more about the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with Findlay Toyota.


This icon indicates the status of the vehicle’s traction control system. If you find your vehicle stuck in slippery mud or fresh snow, the TRAC and VSC could reduce power from the engine to the wheels. In this instance, you may need to turn off the system in order to rock the vehicle back and forth to free it.

Doing so is simple:

  • Push and release the switch quickly to turn off TRAC.
  • The TRAC OFF indicator light will come on.
  • When the vehicle is free quickly press the button again to turn the system back on.

Turn Signal Indicator

This icon indicates that the right or left turn signal has been activated, useful for busy Pahrump roadways.

VSC OFF Indicator

While the vehicle is stopped, push and hold the switch to turn off TRAC and VSC. The TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indicator lights should come on. To turn the system back on simply push and hold the switch again.

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