Keep Your 2016 Toyota Tacoma’s Engine Running Smooth With These Helpful Tips

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Looking for a new truck? What about one that can go anywhere and do anything? Welcome the 2016 Toyota Tacoma – a midsize pickup truck that offers strong off-road capabilities, a powerful engine, and a tow rate up to 6,800 pounds. The 2016 Tacoma will take care of your needs, so it only makes sense for you to take care of its needs. One way to do so is to pay attention to your Tacoma's engine. Continue reading to learn how to be a proactive part of your engine's health.

Regular Oil Changes: One of the most important things you can do for your Tacoma (and any other car or truck for that matter) is to provide it with regular oil changes. Oil changes help keep the internal parts of your engine well lubricated so it does not overheat. Going too long between oil changes – or never changing it at all – can lead to serious, irreversible engine damage.

Keep Cooling System Working Properly: Another way to keep your Tacoma's engine from overheating is to make sure the cooling system is working properly. The best way to do this is to make sure your truck's cooling system always has the proper amount of coolant (a.k.a. radiator fluid). Coolant works by circulating through the engine, to the radiator, and back again in order to ensure it stays cool. Without coolant, your truck's engine will quickly overheat.

Regularly Replace Air Filter: Just as you require air to breathe and continue working as you should, so does your truck's engine. This is why truck's require air filters. Air filters work to provide your engine with a constant, unrestricted flow of air. However, air filters become dirty and clogged over time. The best way to keep a steady flow of air flowing to your engine, be sure to replace air filters regularly.

Check For Leaks: An easy way to keep your truck's engine running smoothly is to check for any leaks that may have sprung. The intense heat and pressure that occurs under your truck's hood can cause engine hoses to become old and cracked. Two main leaks to watch out for are oil and antifreeze leaks. These fluids leaking from your engine should never be looked over, otherwise you can expect overheating and other damages to happen. From time to time, pop your truck's trunk and inspect hoses for any problems. Another simple way to check your truck for leaks is by looking on the ground underneath it. If you see any puddles on the ground beneath your truck, take it to see a mechanic for further inspection.

Looking for more tips and tricks to keep your 2016 Toyota Tacoma running its best? Just ask us! Visit our Toyota dealership, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Keep Your 2016 Toyota Tacoma's Engine Running Smooth With These Helpful Tips - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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