Windshield Repair 101

Windshield Repair

You're driving along, the sun shining, your favorite song on the radio. All of a sudden … whack! Your windshield is struck by something. You may not know exactly what hit your windshield, but you do know one thing – your windshield now has a noticeable crack in it! Before you go to the glass shop to replace your windshield, you may be able to repair it yourself.

The first thing you need to do is inspect your windshield. Don't just look at it; break out a magnifying glass so you can really see it! If the chip goes all the way through, moisture can get deep into the chip, which can cause it to become larger. If water freezes in the chip, it could even turn the chip into a crack! If you find that you are able to repair your windshield, the best technique is to inject an epoxy or acrylic adhesive or filler into the chip. Windshield crack repair kits can be found everywhere from auto stores to mass merchandisers like Sears and Walmart. Continue reading to learn more.

Start with a windshield that's as close to room temperature as possible. Also make sure it is dry – otherwise, you may trap water inside the spot you repair, leading to future cracks. Peel off the backing film from one side of the precut adhesive strip. Centering it over the crack, apply the adhesive to the glass. Smooth it with the back of your thumbnail or a blunt object. Next, peel the remaining film and place the plastic adapter so it fits as vertically as possible and stick it to the film. Smooth again.

Using the pre-filled syringe, attach it to the adapter. Grasp the syringe body with one hand to stabilize it, then pull the syringe out as far as it will go. This creates a partial vacuum inside the syringe, and in the crack.

After one minute, abruptly let the handle go. The pressure created from the handle slamming down will force adhesive into the crack. Repeat this step several times in order to force the crack full of adhesive.

Remove the syringe, adapter, and adhesive sheet. You will notice an adhesive film remaining on the surface of the glass. Let it set for several hours. Once hardened, use a single-edge razor blade in order to shave the adhesive off the glass.

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Windshield Repair 101 - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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