What is Good Mileage for a Used Car?

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Las Vegas drivers looking for a used model are often faced with one major question: what is good mileage for a used car? After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle that isn’t going to last you very long. When it comes to finding low-mileage vehicles near Henderson, you’ll want to know what to look for, and that tends to be vehicles that average under 15,000 miles per year.

Is Mileage or Year More Important?

Some vehicle owners will pay more attention to the model year than the amount of miles, but in reality, it’s important to pay attention to both. If you’re looking for a vehicle that averages under 15,000 miles per year, you’ll need to do the calculation based on the year of the vehicle and the current mileage. For instance, if you’re looking at the following vehicles:

  • A 2010 model with 100,000 miles on it
  • A 2016 model with 70,000 miles on it

Most drivers will see the 2016 as the newer model with less miles, but what it really says is that the 2016 model was driven an average of 35,000 miles per year, which is a lot of wear and tear for one vehicle.

Why Mileage Is Important

Mileage affects the value of the vehicle you’re looking at. Used vehicles with lower mileage have been driven less often, and that means it has less wear and tear. Because of this, the model likely has better brake pads and discs as well as belts. This could result in less service needed down the road.

Learn More at Findlay Toyota

If you’re looking for a used model near Boulder City, be sure to check out the inventory at Findlay Toyota. Our used Toyota models, including our Toyota SUVs, are priced to sell and can be a great addition to your Pahrump commute.

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Trading In vs. Selling Yourself

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Las Vegas drivers looking to purchase a new vehicle have two different options: trading in their current vehicle at the dealership for credit towards your next purchase, or selling their vehicle privately. While the exact math depends on each individual deal, you’re more likely to get a higher sticker price when selling privately. However, that sticker price doesn’t factor in the additional taxes you’ll pay when selling privately versus trading in. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two methods to see which one is ideal for you.

Trading In Your Car

Trading in your current car at a %%target_city_3%% area dealership can deliver huge tax benefits. You’ll typically only pay sales tax on the difference between your trade-in vehicle and the new purchase. Additionally, since you’re conducting both transactions at the same location, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop. To help you better understand your payments after accounting for the value of your trade-in vehicle, we’ve created this helpful payment calculator.

Selling Your Car

There may be instances when selling your car on the private market makes more sense. In general, if you have no sales tax in your area, then that eliminates the tax advantages of trading in. Additionally, if you have a lightly-used vehicle, you may make more money when selling to a private buyer. However, you’ll have to deal with the added stress of tire kickers and low offers you would never have considered. For more car-buying tips like the meaning of MSRP, visit %%di_name%%.

Dealerships vs. Craigslist

One avenue that many vehicle owners take when it comes to selling their current cars on the private market is Craigslist. While you might believe that Craigslist offers a great opportunity to sell your vehicle at a fair price, the opposite is often the case. That’s because Craigslist buyers in the %%target_city_4%% and across the country tend to low-ball and nickel-and-dime. A dealership has a vested interest in the transaction and can offer additional benefits, including trade-in capabilities and the many sales tax benefits that go along with it. Learn more about the financing options available at Findlay Toyota.

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Where to Buy Used Double Cab Trucks in Las Vegas

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Ok, so you’re looking for a capable vehicle on a budget and you want to know where to buy used double cab trucks in Las Vegas. At Findlay Toyota, we pride ourselves on our inventory of affordable double cab trucks, giving you a spacious cabin that works for family adventures or workday commutes — while also giving you the cargo capabilities you need to get the job done. Learn why buying a used double cab truck is a great idea before you visit our dealership today!

The Benefits of a Used Double Cab Truck

Buying a used double cab truck gives you a great discount on a capable vehicle. Double cab configurations can often boost the price of a truck quite a bit due to the impressive space and abilities of the truck — but this is not the case with a pre-owned truck. When you buy from a trusted dealer like Findlay Toyota, you have the peace of mind that the truck has passed our inspection to be worthy of resale so that you can leave the lot confident that you made a smart purchase.

Why Buy at Findlay Toyota

We pride ourselves on our fair sales of both new and used trucks. We’ll offer you a fair trade-in value on your current vehicle to apply to your purchase so you can buy outright or pay off your vehicle sooner. Our dedicated sales team will work with you on your individual needs to find the right used truck on your budget, and we have a state-of-the-art repair facility to service your truck for years to come by expert technicians. You’ll be treated to first-class treatment as backed by our Toyota President’s Cabin Award we’ve received the last few years--an award only received by up to 12 dealers nationwide annually!

Explore Our Inventory Today

You’ll find a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles t Findlay Toyota including double cab trucks at a great price. Visit our dealership to see what we have in stock at [di_dealer_option street_address=“”] in [di_dealer_option city=“”] and let us help you finance your next truck. You can speak with a sales specialist about any vehicle in our used inventory at [di_option option="di_phone_sales"], We are also available to answer your questions if you leave us a message online!

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