Boost Fuel Economy In Your 2016 Toyota Corolla With These Tips

2016 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has always had respectable fuel economy, whether you opt for an older 2000 model or a brand new 2016. But, as summer already taunts many of us with high temperatures, you may be wondering how to keep your fuel economy from plummeting. When hot temperatures hit, one of the main reasons you can experience a decrease in fuel economy is from using the air conditioning. In fact, using the AC in hot weather can cause fuel economy to lower by over 25 percent.

The obvious solution would be to turn off the air conditioner or roll down the windows, however these methods serve problems of their own. One, your passengers, as well as yourself, will melt into a sweaty puddle; and two, lowering windows make your car less aerodynamic, which causes lower fuel economy. Since neither of these ideas are too worthwhile, here are some easy ways to boost your fuel economy when hot weather strikes this summer.

  • The cooler the temperature you set your air conditioning to, the more fuel your car uses. To avoid wasting unnecessary gas, set your AC as high as you can while still staying comfortable.
  • Rolling windows down when driving at fast highway speeds is a sure-fire way to lower your fuel economy. However, during slow city or suburban driving, rolling down the windows won't put near as big a dent in fuel economy as seen when driving fast.
  • When you first start driving, instead of cranking up the AC, roll the windows down. This will help hot air escape from your car without putting stress on your AC or your gas tank.
  • Letting your car idle is an easy way to burn fuel while attaining zero miles to the gallon. Avoid idling when possible so you won't waste fuel. Also, don't turn on the AC while idling unless you want to burn even more gas.
  • Parking in the sun will cause you to need more air conditioning to cool the interior – and passengers – down. To avoid this, try to park in shaded spots or use a sunshade on the windshield so your car won't become as hot.

For more fuel-saving tips and tricks, visit our dealership in Las Vegas, NV.


Boost Fuel Economy In Your 2016 Toyota Corolla With These Tips - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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