The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Continues Its Streak As A Timeless Icon

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a timeless icon with over 60 years of consumer loyalty. What makes it such a sought-after ride? In a nutshell, the Land Cruiser offers an excellent combination of off-road skill, luxury on-road comfort, and the true refinement so well-known to the Toyota brand – and it only gets better over time. The 2016 Land Cruiser continues its mighty reign as the most admirable SUV. Here are some reasons to opt for this unbeatable ride.

Durability: The Land Cruiser has proven itself for decades with its off-road capabilities and the 2016 is no different – if anything, it's only gotten better. The 2016 Land Cruiser houses a V8 engine that creates 381 horsepower with 401 pound-feet of torque – a combo that makes this an SUV a master of all terrains. It also has enough power to pull a maximum load of 8,100 pounds – a seriously capable number for a seriously capable SUV.

The Land Cruiser also boasts some serious off-road systems, such as a locking center differential, entitled the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. This system electronically adjusts the stabilizer bars for improved on-road handling or maximum off-road capability. Other systems include:

  • Multi-Terrain Select: tailors the stability and traction control settings to specific surfaces.
  • Five-Speed Crawl Control: a low-speed off-road cruise control.
  • Off-Road Turn Assist: applies brakes to the inside wheels to improve turning response around corners.

Space: Many vehicles claim to offer abundant space, but as we all know, this is far from accurate. The 2016 Land Cruiser, on the other hand, provides an interior that is spacious, as well as functional. In fact, it's more functional than any other three-road SUV on the market. The Land Cruiser seats up to eight passengers, and second-row seats slide forward to provide more room to recline – a major win for comfort.

High-Tech Features: It's not just about the capabilities the 2016 Land Cruiser shows off-road that makes it such a spectacular SUV. It is also a winner on-road with a luxury interior full of all of the latest high-tech features. The 2016 Land Cruiser includes an upscale range of technology, such as a nine-inch touchscreen and control layout, multi-terrain off-road camera system, navigation system, dual-screen entertainment system, 14-speaker sound system, and more.

An Iconic History: If something is deemed worthy enough to be labeled an icon, it's obvious that it has a well-loved and rich history. The Land Cruiser is a timeless icon that scores top marks time after time, proving that it is trustable, reliable, and a people pleaser. For a vehicle, it's hard to find much better qualities than these.

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The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Continues Its Streak As A Timeless Icon - Findlay Toyota Henderson

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