What is Toyota Safety Connect?

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What is Toyota Safety Connect®?

%%di_city%% drivers like to stay connected and Toyota Safety Connect® makes it easy! Toyota models are world-renowned for their extraordinary safety features, and Toyota Safety Connect® is one of its latest innovations to give you more peace of mind behind the wheel. It allows %%target_city_1%% drivers to be instantly connected to first responders or receive roadside assistance in the event of a collision or emergency.%%di_name%% brings you this guide to Toyota Safety Connect®.

How Does Toyota Safety Connect® Work?

Now that you know the answer to, “What is Toyota Safety Connect®?” let’s take a look at how it works. Toyota Safety Connect® keeps drivers connected 24/7/365 with just the push of a button. In the event of an emergency, simply press the designated button, and you’ll be immediately connected to someone at the Toyota response center. The response center will evaluate your situation and deploy first responders or roadside assistance as needed. In addition, the safety system gives our response center access to your location, even if you don’t know where you are around %%target_city_2%%.

Safety Connect® Features

Thanks to Toyota Safety Connect®, you have instant access to many helpful features, such as:

  • Emergency Assistance: In the event of an emergency, simply press the button and the response center will dispatch the right assistance to your location.
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator: If your Toyota is ever stolen around %%target_city_3%%, or anywhere else, the Stolen Vehicle Locator will use built-in GPS to find it.
  • Roadside Assistance: If and when you ever need roadside assistance, the SOS button will get you the proper help, from towing, jump-starting your vehicle, fixing flat tires, or providing emergency fuel if you accidentally run out of gas.
  • Automatic Collision Notification: If you’re involved in a collision, the Automatic Collision Notification will alert the response center without you having to do anything at all.

Explore Toyota Safety Connect® at %%di_name%% Today

If you live near %%target_city_3%% and would like to learn more about Toyota Safety Connect® features, contact %%di_name%%. You can easily explore our extensive inventory online and apply for financing without even leaving home. Let us know how we can help. %%di_name%% is always at your service!

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