Our Favorite Movie Theaters Near Henderson, NV

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If you’re on the hunt for the hottest movie theaters near Henderson, NV, the team at %%di_name%% has you covered! Whether you’re interested in IMAX films, independent movies, or an upscale full-service experience, there’s a theater in Henderson that’s sure to pique your interest!

Eclipse Theaters

If you’re planning a date night, there’s nothing quite like dinner and a movie--especially if you can have it all at one place! Eclipse Theaters is a high-class venue, featuring concierge-style service, an outdoor patio, a full bar, and so much more. Of course, they’re always showing the most recent big-budget releases, as well as other fan-favorites. For an experience you’ll never forget, join up with their loyalty program and find a seat in the VIP Box.

Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theater

Not every night out at a theater in Henderson has to be so fancy! If you just want to see a movie and relax with a beer or two, Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theater is the place to go! Their lineup of screenings includes all of the latest hits, and they’re known for showing movies with impressive DFX Atmos® sound from Dolby.

Regal Sunset Station and IMAX

Did you know that there’s an IMAX movie theater right here in Henderson, NV? If you’ve never been, you absolutely have to check out the Regal Sunset Station & IMAX at 1301 W Sunset Road. Kick back in one of their recliner seats, grab some popcorn, and have the time of your life!

If independent films are more your speed, check out the Regal Cinemas Village Square 18 at 9400 W. Sahara in nearby Las Vegas. This theater is widely known for showing the independent and foreign films that Henderson, NV viewers love, and since it’s not located inside of a casino, it’s a great place to take the whole family.

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Here at %%di_name%%, we get to hear the latest news from drivers from all walks of life, and that means we’re experts on the local scene. So, whether you’re looking for the best pizza or the best summer activities in Henderson, NV, you can count on us to get you started! While you’re at it, why not check out the hottest destinations for wine lovers in Pahrump?

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Our Top Picks for Henderson Restaurants

Fresh shrimp on an aqua background

If you’re wondering where to eat in Henderson for that special evening out or after a long day at work in %%target_city_1%%, have no fear! We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best places to get a bite to eat in town, so you can concentrate on more important things, like which new Toyota you’ll take home with you.

Todd’s Unique Dining

Todd’s Unique Dining, a five-time Trip Advisor “Hall of Fame” winner, dishes up surprise treats every night. Their ever-changing menu includes everything from soups, to steaks, and even fresh seafood — all prepared to perfection.

Location:  4350 E. Sunset Road #102, Henderson, NV

Weiss Deli and Bakery

Hailed as one of the finest Kosher delis in the %%target_city_2%% area, Weiss Deli and Bakery specializes in authentic New York-style deli favorites like thickly sliced pork rolls and delectable chicken soups, as well as tasty fritters, challah bread, and more.

Location: 2744 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV

Penn’s Thai House

If you’re in the mood for authentic Thai food, then Penn’s Thai House could be just the stop. Everything on the menu is made from scratch, including the slow-cooked Thai barbecue chicken and delicious green curry with shrimp.

Location: 724 W. Sunset Road, Henderson, NV

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is an authentic Greek grill not far from %%target_city_3%%! Sample authentic favorites like gyros, lamb rice bowls, souvlaki, falafel, mezze, baklava, and so much more. And, with prices lower than many fast food joints, you’ll fill up and have plenty left in your pocket, too.

Location: 1275 W. Warm Springs Road, Henderson, NV

Gen Korean BBQ

Authentic Korean barbecue is accessible and affordable at Gen Korean BBQ — a chic and modern eatery. Sample favorites like beef brisket, pork belly, and chicken, or go bold with the house special baby octopus or spicy tofu stew. There are no wrong choices here!

Location: 1300 W. Sunset Road, Henderson, NV

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Here at %%di_name%%, we’re all about bringing our %%target_city_4%% area neighbors the information they need to get more from every day. Schedule a test drive near with the Toyota you’ve had your eye on and, when you’re done, explore our recommendations for Mesquite buffets, Henderson pizza joints, or Henderson movie theaters! We can also show you where to get a tasty breakfast in Boulder City.

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Attractions at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Nature Trail

When looking for summer activities close to Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to check out the attractions at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. From Petroglyph Canyon to Breccia, there are plenty of fun things to do for those looking for adventure or those looking for unique family fun.

Petroglyph Canyon

Petroglyph Canyon is home to a small but very cool piece of Native American Rock Art. There’s a trail nearby, so you can get in some good exercise and adventure while also taking in a little bit of history. Be sure to explore the other areas around Petroglyph Canyon too and see what else you can find.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Trail got its name from its location. It’s located at the southwest edge of Sloan Canyon, and you need a 2WD vehicle to access it. From here, you can weave your way into other popular trails too, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your adventure.


Whether you’re into rocks or you just like to seek adventure outside of Henderson, Sloan Canyon provides you with many opportunities to find breccia, which is a rock made from a combination of angular pieces cemented together. Simply take a walk on a nearby trail or just do some minor exploring and you’ll find some of the coolest pieces of breccia you’ll likely see.

Take Your Adventure With a New Vehicle From Findlay Toyota

In order to leave Boulder City and visit Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area or the Grand Canyon, you’ll want a vehicle that was made for adventure. Findlay Toyota has plenty of Toyota crossovers and SUVs to choose from, or peruse our used Toyota inventory too, and bring a car home to %%target_city_4%% today.

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