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2017 Toyota Tacoma Performance

Ok, so you’re looking for a capable vehicle on a budget and you want to know where to buy used double cab trucks in Las Vegas. At Findlay Toyota, we pride ourselves on our inventory of affordable double cab trucks, giving you a spacious cabin that works for family adventures or workday commutes — while also giving you the cargo capabilities you need to get the job done. Learn why buying a used double cab truck is a great idea before you visit our dealership today!

The Benefits of a Used Double Cab Truck

Buying a used double cab truck gives you a great discount on a capable vehicle. Double cab configurations can often boost the price of a truck quite a bit due to the impressive space and abilities of the truck — but this is not the case with a pre-owned truck. When you buy from a trusted dealer like Findlay Toyota, you have the peace of mind that the truck has passed our inspection to be worthy of resale so that you can leave the lot confident that you made a smart purchase.

Why Buy at Findlay Toyota

We pride ourselves on our fair sales of both new and used trucks. We’ll offer you a fair trade-in value on your current vehicle to apply to your purchase so you can buy outright or pay off your vehicle sooner. Our dedicated sales team will work with you on your individual needs to find the right used truck on your budget, and we have a state-of-the-art repair facility to service your truck for years to come by expert technicians. You’ll be treated to first-class treatment as backed by our Toyota President’s Cabin Award we’ve received the last few years--an award only received by up to 12 dealers nationwide annually!

Explore Our Inventory Today

You’ll find a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles t Findlay Toyota including double cab trucks at a great price. Visit our dealership to see what we have in stock at [di_dealer_option street_address=“”] in [di_dealer_option city=“”] and let us help you finance your next truck. You can speak with a sales specialist about any vehicle in our used inventory at [di_option option="di_phone_sales"], We are also available to answer your questions if you leave us a message online!

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Keep Your 2016 Toyota Tacoma’s Engine Running Smooth With These Helpful Tips

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Looking for a new truck? What about one that can go anywhere and do anything? Welcome the 2016 Toyota Tacoma – a midsize pickup truck that offers strong off-road capabilities, a powerful engine, and a tow rate up to 6,800 pounds. The 2016 Tacoma will take care of your needs, so it only makes sense for you to take care of its needs. One way to do so is to pay attention to your Tacoma's engine. Continue reading to learn how to be a proactive part of your engine's health.

Regular Oil Changes: One of the most important things you can do for your Tacoma (and any other car or truck for that matter) is to provide it with regular oil changes. Oil changes help keep the internal parts of your engine well lubricated so it does not overheat. Going too long between oil changes – or never changing it at all – can lead to serious, irreversible engine damage.

Keep Cooling System Working Properly: Another way to keep your Tacoma's engine from overheating is to make sure the cooling system is working properly. The best way to do this is to make sure your truck's cooling system always has the proper amount of coolant (a.k.a. radiator fluid). Coolant works by circulating through the engine, to the radiator, and back again in order to ensure it stays cool. Without coolant, your truck's engine will quickly overheat.

Regularly Replace Air Filter: Just as you require air to breathe and continue working as you should, so does your truck's engine. This is why truck's require air filters. Air filters work to provide your engine with a constant, unrestricted flow of air. However, air filters become dirty and clogged over time. The best way to keep a steady flow of air flowing to your engine, be sure to replace air filters regularly.

Check For Leaks: An easy way to keep your truck's engine running smoothly is to check for any leaks that may have sprung. The intense heat and pressure that occurs under your truck's hood can cause engine hoses to become old and cracked. Two main leaks to watch out for are oil and antifreeze leaks. These fluids leaking from your engine should never be looked over, otherwise you can expect overheating and other damages to happen. From time to time, pop your truck's trunk and inspect hoses for any problems. Another simple way to check your truck for leaks is by looking on the ground underneath it. If you see any puddles on the ground beneath your truck, take it to see a mechanic for further inspection.

Looking for more tips and tricks to keep your 2016 Toyota Tacoma running its best? Just ask us! Visit our Toyota dealership, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Top Reasons to Opt for a Pickup Truck

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

Do things. Build stuff. Go places. This is the perfect motto for pickup trucks. Trucks allow the freedom many want in a vehicle, providing everyday practicality, the capability to be put to work when towing and hauling are required, and they are also the perfect companion when venturing off road. Take, for example, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. It boasts powerful engine choices, excellent off-road capability, and an extensive option list all wrapped in a midsize truck package. But, there are many more advantages to owning a pickup truck. Here are a few.

Bed: Pickup trucks are different from other vehicles in that the back half consists of a storage bed. Beds are long, flat, and easily accessible; they also typically come in a variety of dimensions in order to best suit your needs. The 2016 Tacoma offers two cab styles and three bed lengths. Cab styles include: extended Access Cab and Double Cab. Access Cabs come exclusively with a 73.7-inch short bed, while Double Cabs can be paired to a 127.4-inch regular bed or 141-inch long bed.

For those who work in the construction field, beds are a huge advantage, allowing them to hold and transport heavy materials. But, that-s not all it-s good for. Truck beds are great for hauling camping gear, bikes, and off-road equipment. They are also the perfect companion when it-s time to pack up your home and need to move heavy boxes and furniture.

Durability: Durability is one of the top strengths of a pickup truck - providing more power and strength than most other vehicles. One reason for this is because truck beds are separated from the cab, which allows for chassis flex. This enables trucks to withstand, carry, and pull heavy loads. Most trucks, like the Tacoma, also feature 4WD, which is optimal when driving through more hazardous terrain, which makes off-road adventures much more worthwhile.

Power: Power is another advantage to trucks, equipping them with the ability to haul and tow. In keeping with our 2016 Tacoma example, this truck houses either a 2.7-liter four-cylinder or 3.5-liter V6. Both rear-wheel-drive and 4WD configurations are available. Four cylinder Tacomas can tow a maximum of 3,500 pounds, while V6 models can manage between 6,400 and 6,800 pounds depending on cab configuration and driveline

Safety: Trucks provide increased safety, which puts them at an advantage over other vehicles. A higher ride height creates better visibility and also allows trucks to more easily roll over any potential road debris. Trucks with a front grille also enhance safety by enduring most of the impact during a collision. This allows occupants, and the truck itself, to be better protected.

To learn more about the 2016 Toyota Tacoma and our other truck lineups, visit us at 7733 Eastgate Road, henderson, Nevada 89011.

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The 2016 Toyota Tacoma: an all-new design and more popular than ever

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

Why choose the Toyota Tacoma? Several reasons come to mind, like its V6 engine, off-road capabilities and extensive option list. What-s exciting is that all of these perks are a part of the 2016 Tacoma-s all-new design.

The Tacoma has been a popular choice for pickup truck consumers for some time, but it gains many notable improvements for 2016 that only enhances its appeal. Here are some newbies worth a look.

Engine: In previous models of the Tacoma there were two engines available, the 2.7-liter four-cylinder and 4.0-liter V6. While the four-cylinder remains, the V6 has been replaced with a smoother and more fuel-efficient 3.5-liter V6. Both engines come paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. Depending on the Tacoma model chosen, those equipped with the four-cylinder can tow up to 3,500 pounds, while the V6 can handle between 6,400 and 6,800 pounds.

Another change to the Tacoma-s 2016 lineup is that the 4×2 regular cab model is no longer available. In fact, regular cabs continue to be a thing of the past for the Tacoma. Now, only the extended cab body style remain.

Interior: The Tacoma has always offered a nice interior, but the 2016 sees some revamping. It now boasts a fresher design, Toyota-s latest touchscreen interfaces, standard lockable damped tailgate, and an optional tri-fold hard cover. Another pleasing addition to the Tacoma-s interior is its more contemporary feel, especially in its dashboard. Though materials continue to focus mostly on durability than luxury, that-s not such a bad thing if you need a truck that holds up beyond basic daily demands.

The 2016 Tacoma is available in five trim levels, from the base SR to the top-line Limited. The base SR offers the most simplicity on the Tacoma lineup, but it also includes some noteworthy equipment and features, too. The most notable being its electronics list. The SR features a rearview camera, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, voice controls, Siri Eyes Free and 6.1-inch touchscreen interface. Don-t forget the tunes available via the six-speaker audio system with CD player, USB port and auxiliary audio jack.

The SR is also eligible for some optional add-ons specific to just this trim. With the available Convenience package, you-ll gain perks like cruise control, remote keyless entry and 16-inch black alloy wheels.

The TRD Sport trim is a must for anyone seeking sport-oriented qualities. In this particular model you-ll find LED daytime running lights, unique exterior trim, 17-inch alloy wheels, sport-tuned shock absorbers, bed-mounted 120-volt power outlet, keyless entry and ignition, special upholstery and more.

Another trim worth your while is the Tacoma-s TRD Off-Road. Offering its own rugged body trim, special 16-inch alloy wheels, Bilstein shock absorbers and chin-spoiler, the TRD Off-Road can easily handle time off the pavement.

To check out the 2016 Toyota Tacoma and learn even more about this must-have pickup truck, visit us in Emmaus, PA.

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